Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
on Work Experience

Yes, it will have a great positive impact on your case. 

Progressive work experience means having at least 5 years of work experience demonstrating growth and advancement in the relevant field.

It may have an impact on the petition and increase your chance of approval.

Yes, having job experience of five years and more will strengthen your petition. But it’s not absolutely necessary in this case.

If a person has at least five years of progressive work experience following completion of a bachelor’s degree, he is technically eligible to apply for NIW. If your experience is not coming from a US-based industry and you do not possess a foreign or Master’s degree, your chances are very slim.

NIW application requires mainstream or industry job experience. Remote work experience will not be applicable.

TA/RA counts as academic or research experience and definitely not an industry job experience.

Yes, you are required to work in the same field that benefits the country's national interest. If you change areas, you risk having your I-485 denied if it’s still under process.