That is great! It will increase your chance of approval.
TRB is one of seven program units of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which provides independent, objective analysis and advice to the nation and conducts other activities to solve complex problems and inform public policy decisions.

Yes, “field application” will be better than self-citation; however, we need proof of that (letter, email, or any proof from MDOT).

Yes, this will have a positive impact on your profile.

 4. Is it of any value if I get the citations during the process? I mean, after my application submission, but before the decision?

If your paper gets published while preparing the application, we will mention it in the petition, and it will have a positive impact on your case.

No minimum number of citations is required to apply for NIW, but the higher, the better.

You need to provide summaries of your work (following our template) of the top projects or reseach you did which aligns with your future proposed endeavor. If only 3 supports your futute endeavor, provide only 3.

Tip: Please spend a substantial amount of time to prepare a strong proposed endeavor.