Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
on Payment and USCIS fees

Yes, you can.

Green Card application under EB2 NIW or EB1A has two steps. The first step is called I-140 and the second step is called I-485. The first step is only for the principal applicants , and our fee is $4500.

There is no application for derivative in this step; therefore no attorney fee.

However, once the first step gets approved , we move to the second step. For the second step Adjustment of Status(I-485), our fee is $1200 for the principal applicant (You) and $700 for each derivative if you have a spouse and children.

Our total service charge for NIW is $5,700. In addition, you will be required to pay a USCIS fee of $700 and mailing fees of approximately $50.

Yes, we are able to assist you with your RFE in this situation. We will charge you $2,000 only for the processing of the RFE response. In the event that you choose to retain our NIW services, a fee of $4,500 will be charged.

Around $50 for the regular shipping process. It might cost $100 or more if you need overnight shipping.

A refund will be issued within 30 days if your case is denied. In that case, the refund policy depends on the money-back guarantee which we offer to the clients according to their credibility.


Yes, it is $500 per month.