Dependent LoR is from a recommender you have directly worked with or under (supervisor, co-author, professor, research/project leader, etc.)

Independent LoR is from an expert in your field with whom you have never work with. However, they may have seen your work in conferences, heard about your work from their colleagues, read your articles in journals, followed your work profile (LinkedIn, Google Scholar, etc.) or used your idea/ research in their own work.

You can prepare the LoRs yourself if you wish to, OR the Recommender himself/herself can write the letter (best option in terms of authenticity). In that case, if you need any template to follow, we can provide you.

If LoR service is included with your package, our legal team will prepare the LoRs for you if you wish.

For each letter you want us to draft for you, we need you to fill out one LoR template with as much relevant information as possible. You can write in paragraphs, bullet points, sentences, etc.

You also need to provide the recommender’s CV. We will draft the letter based on the filled-in template, recommender’s CV, and your profile.

You will need to collect recommendation letters from prominent individuals in your field. The individuals may be your bosses, professors, researchers, or individuals similar to them.

You do not need to be acquainted with all your recommenders. An EXPERT in your field can write you a letter based on your academic and work profile.

You may complete them within seven days or take an extended period at your convenience.

You can keep a 50/50 balance between independent and dependent LoRs. Although we prefer having more independent LoRs. And yes, all of them must be from your field of study/ work. These recommendations can come from high-level executives or academic individuals like researchers and faculties.

We highly suggest seeking out your recommenders early in the NIW process.

Our in-house LoR writers will draft the LoRs for you based on the filled-in template you provide. Note that you must provide adequate information and manage the signatures from the recommenders yourself.

No, there are no extra fees for recommendation letters if the drafting service is included with your package.

Your supervisor, top executives, leaders of the field, and distinguished professionals in top management positions with or under whom you have or have not worked with in your field can make recommendations. 

You can ask your friends; they can convince their professors to write Recommendation letters for you. Also, there are many Bangladeshi professors in U.S. universities; you can contact them as they usually help. You can also write to different prospective recommenders highlighting your common areas and the significance of your work.

No, the scanned copy or the signed soft copy of the LoR will be sufficient.

The best form of evidence is to have a letter on the recommender’s instutional letterheard. If the recommender has retired, he/she may create their own letterhead and provide that.

We aim to submit the formal updated CV of the recommenders. In case it is ablsolutely unavailable, we can use their institutional profile or LinkedIn.

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