Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
on Different Situation

It is expected that USCIS will receive the package within 2/3 working days.

DS-260 is the next step after the NIW approval as you are outside of the USA. We provide this service for $10the 00 for principal applicant and $500 for the dependent applicant (if any).


Yes, we can port the priority date for this EB2- NIW.

No, there is no limitation. You can contact your case manager anytime during work hours. As for the attorney, if you need to speak with him, we will send you a link through which you can set up a phone or zoom meeting.

It is a 100%

We reply as promptly as possible. At most, it will be under 24 hours.

We have several law clerks and a managing attorney, all of whom will be involved at some point in the process. Additionally, we have a dedicated team for NIW petitions. Initially, you will work with them.

Your responsibility will be to send us the required documents and information when we need them and make the payment of the $500 monthly installment at your convenience. And after the forms are done, you will sign them and mail us. Then we will submit them to USCIS.

It depends on your portfolio. You may proceed now if you have a good number of citations and publications.

There is no problem if you do it from Bangladesh or leave the U.S. after submitting the petition.

We recommend that you wait for your new passport. Because a valid passport is required to submit your application to the USCIS. However, you can begin the application process with us right away. We will now prepare all of the necessary documents and petitions while waiting for your passport. We will submit your application to the USCIS once you have received your new passport. In this way, it will save some time for you.

It varies most of the time. In general, the copies and documents related to professional membership, license, and professional certificates are submitted along with the basic documents.

You are not required to be residing in the United States to apply. For example, an award-winning researcher in Russia who won acclaim and recognition for their impact could be considered sufficient evidence for an NIW.