Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
on Degree, Certifications…

Yes. After graduation, your chance rate will increase, and it will make the petition stronger.

No, you can apply with the ongoing research experience.

No, we need the evaluation from USCIS-approved equivalency evaluation bodies. Eg. WES

Yes, you will be able to start the NIW application process.

Kindly publish your thesis paper. The more citations your paper receives, the better your chances will be. Also, if you have U.S. work experience or can get started with work related to your proposed endeavor, that would be greatly beneficial.


There is no requirement for a U.S. degree in order to apply for NIW; however, a min. Master’s degree is necessary.

Required certifications/ licenses that your field requires to practice your profession.

These can be added to your CV, but for NIW requirements, only professional certificates are acceptable.

Due to the flexible characteristics of the NIW, you may be able to qualify without having received awards in your field. Proof of outstanding achievements strengthens your case and may be the difference between approval and denial; it is not grounds for denial alone.

Your previous denial should not have an impact on the outcome, assuming you meet the other qualifications for a National Interest Waiver. This is because the requirements for a PERM application have little bearing on the requirements for an EB-2 NIW.

An advanced degree for the EB2 NIW visa is U.S. advanced degree (degree above bachelor’s) or equivalent foreign degree.